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The Lincoln Project
About Daniel
The Lincoln Project

Lincoln Portrait #1,  The painting that started it all.  It was a practice painting I did while a good friend and teacher was helping me to paint portraits better.
Lincoln Portrait #2
Lincoln Portrait #3, By this portrait I was already thinking of creating the series.  I found the idea of not any limits very appealing.
Lincoln Portrait #4, 40" x 30", Inspired by work from Andy Warhol, I created the largest portrait in the series to date.
Lincoln Portrait #5, 8" x 10"
Lincoln Portrait #6,  Imagine Lincoln looking in the mirror at his home in Springfield, Ill after a little girl told him he would look good with a beard.  I used photographs and a mirror to do this study painting.
Lincoln Portrait #7, 20" x 16", A portrait of Lincoln when he was a lawyer.
Lincoln Portrait #8, 8" x 10", a small portrait that was donated to the small works project in Sheboygan, WI.
Lincoln Portrait #10, A quick sketch on day to capture Lincolns likenss.  This is the only painting in the series that was sold to a collector.
Lincoln Portrait #11, 8" x 10", A monocromatic quick sketch in diluted oil.
Lincoln Portrait #12
Lincoln Portrait #13
Licoln Portrait #14, Another view of Lincoln taken from my mind more so than photographs.  Many say he looks, "Bad Ass". I agree.
Lincoln Portrait #15,  You might say, "What happend here".  This painting was done as an instructional painting for my 11 year old niece.  She learned a lot in a very short time!
Lincoln Portrait #16
Licoln Portrait #17, My attempt at adding a bit of the abstract.
Lincoln Portrait #18, Craving something new and exciting I did this realistic up and close penny.  The painting is 30" x 40".
Inspired by a vintage copy of Lincoln in photographs Daniel decided to try painting a portrait of our 16th President.  Fascinated with his image this artist began to continue painting to create one large, “refined painting” of Lincoln.  While working on study paintings, he quickly realized that these were paintings that he would want to share with people. The idea of painting Lincoln’s image in many different views and scenarios without having limits could be just the journey he was looking for.  Without a time frame for the series, Daniel is open to create as many paintings as he wants over a period of years or even decades. Many new and exciting works are currently in progress.

Lincoln Portrait #9, "Broken",  I wanted to capture the sorry and pain that Mary Lincoln went through in her life.
John Wilkes Booth
William T. Sherman
Ulysses S. Grant
Lincoln Portrait #19, 8" x 10", painted for the small works project in Sheboygan, WI.
Lincoln Portrait #20
Lincoln Portrait #21, 5" x 7"
Lincoln Portrait #22, My first portait after switching from standard oils to a water soluable paint due to health reasons.
Lincoln Portrait #23, 8" x 10"
Lincoln Portrait #24
Lincoln Portrait #24b
Lincoln Portrait #25
Lincoln Portrait #26
Lincoln Portrait #27
Lincoln Portrait #28
Lincoln Portrait #29